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Project Impossible is probably the biggest project of LeekGames ever. A 3rd-person action adventure in sci-fi style with Open World awaits you. And we are always looking for helpers. Be a part of it!

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This will be Project Impossible


Project Impossible is a 3rd-person Action Adventure, playing in an Open World in the 22nd century. Continents are mostly flooded, life is only possible on islands. The climate is becoming increasingly unstable and research to stabilize the climate is repeatedly interrupted.

Gene experiments have already given some people superpowers, but these now form a rebellion with the view that man should live with the created chaos.
This destroys or steals technology for climate stabilizers, kidnaps researchers in the fields of research or wages war against the global nation.

Its more than just a Project of


Project Impossible is much more than just a project of LeekGames. de. The opinion of the players is very important to us here.

On the one hand, the community as a player of Project Impossible Bugs is able to find and fix Impossible Bugs faster. This not only increases the gaming fun for yourself, but also makes for a better game in general.

By applying as a team member you are part of LeekGames, but still a part of the community who wants to report more than bugs or make suggestions. Commuity members in the development team of Project Impossible are a great enrichment for the game. Faster progress, more ideas or tips for other team members to put some of the enrichment into words.

Everyone is able to express their wishes and suggestions for improvements for Project Impossible. After all, why should ideas be suppressed by players just because they are not part of the developer team?
In the forum everybody can present his suggestions and wishes. Other suggestions can be discussed and thus a version of it can be implemented into the game, with which a large part should be satisfied.
It doesn't matter whether the suggestion or wish is related to the story, the landscape, menus or other points of the game.

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The diligent team behind Project Impossible



The tasks of the creative team consist of creating all graphical elements of a game, which are then brought into the game by the DEV team. In addition, the creative team creates the story of the game as well as graphic material for advertising.
The creative team is divided into 3 areas:

  1. Art
  2. Modelling & Texturing
  3. Sound

Name Forum-Nick Contributing as... Member since
Marco FadePixels 1, 2 07/27/2017
Tobias AMC2000 1, 2 07/27/2017
Members of the Creative-Team in Total 2


The tasks of the DEV team are to develop the actual game. All created elements of the creative team are inserted into the game, exposure of the individual scenes is adjusted, cutscenes are created, etc.
. Like the creative team, the DEV team was divided into sections:

  1. Effects and Lighting
  2. Leveldesign
  3. Coding
  4. Cutscenes & Animation
  5. GUI/HUD
  6. AI
  7. Physics/Gamemechanics

Name Forum-Nick Contributing as... Member since
Tobias AMC2000 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 07/27/2017
Joshua unlogical 3, 5, 6, 7 07/27/2017
Lukas WorfTheKlingon77 3, 5, 7 07/27/2017
Members of the DEV-Team in total 2
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