Your creativity for Project Impossible

Creative - Team

Create the game world or story of the game with your creativity.
Through your conceptual drawings, 3D models or sound effects Project Impossible becomes a fantastic game!

For the realisation of the game

DEV - Team

Ideas for a game are one thing, implementation is the other.
The DEV team turns a wish into virtual reality.

Logical thinking will help you a lot!

Your creativity for Project Impossible

Creative - Team

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The art team covers many areas and each of them is very important for the development of Project Impossible. Divided into Concept-Art/Gamedesign and GUI/HUD Design the teams work together separately but nevertheless. If there is a need to catch up in one area, the other teams are included if they do not have any tasks themselves.

No game in the world can be created without a team of artists, ideas for the game are brought to the digital page in concept-arts, and then the game designers who are responsible for the more detailed elaboration of the game's content. ideas are responsible. Together with the Concept-Art team, they then prepare final designs, which are then forwarded to the other teams for creation and implementation. The GUI/HUD Designer is responsible for user interfaces and menus such as the main menu. You look at the GUI/HUD to match the game and address it visually, but the even more important task is to see if it feels good to use it, so if that's all there is, the GUI or HUD will go on to the dev team.

Modelling & Texturing

All finished designs for characters or assets (objects) don't bring 3-dimensional graphics to any game. The modelling team is responsible for creating the designs. of the concept art and game design team. Of course, it is still possible to work on the design and make changes, but this can be done with Concept-Art and Gamedesign Team. should be discussed or shown. The finished moddels then go on to the texturing team which takes care of the textures of the 3D objects. Changes or own suggestions apply here as well should be discussed or shown with Concept-Art and Gamedesign Team. When everything is finished textured then start using it!


Every game needs sound effects and music, because only when sound and play harmonize will a game be perceived as good. The graphics, game mechanics or story can be as good as it gets, without sound, most people would probably judge it negative. You will have many tasks and, as explained above, will be an important part of our team. So it'd be good if you could just have some experience with the program you're using. Your tasks will include everything that has to do with sound, be it ambient noise or sound effects, the background music or even the soundtrack to Project Impossible.

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For the realisation of the game

DEV - Team

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Effects und Lighting

Effects are a very important part of every game. No matter whether it's striking in the foreground or subtle sound effects in the background, a player will at least perceive weak effects in the subconscious mind, which can significantly improve the gaming experience.

For this reason, the tasks of this area consist of integrating particle or sound effects into the game.
However, effects in cutscenes do not necessarily fall under this area, as the scope of tasks would otherwise be too extensive.

Particles and sound are not everything. The lighting can completely destroy a fantastic landscape. For this reason, this important point in this area is also addressed.

. Thus, the participants in this area will overhaul and perfect the roughly placed lighting of the level design area in order to get the best possible lighting from the environment.
But light does not only play a major role in the Open World. Light can also have a gigantic effect in effects.


A fundamental area for each game are levels or, in the case of Project Impossible, an Open World. First of all: The creative team will also be involved, but there is enough work for everyone!

In the level design area, you place various meshes and materials in buildings or the Open World. And if you consider the wishes of the creative team, as well as the general theme of the game, there are no limits to creativity.

Furthermore, created areas for the game world are checked for obvious bugs after creation, so that there are no transparent walls or gaps in floors and walls.


Generally speaking, this section is about creating program code for the game.
Be it classes for some objects in the world, enemies, the player or things like the control.

As a contributor in this area one is almost automatically also a part of AI or physics or the game mechanics.

Cutscene & Animation

What would be a game with story without cutscenes?
For this reason, the only task in this area is exactly that.

> Animation of the character; bringing in effects, if necessary in cooperation with people from effects and light, as well as dialogues or camera movements.

. This may sound simple, but it is far more complicated.
Since animating characters etc. is already a basic part of this area, you will also create animations for the game elements outside of cutscenes. For example, a running or jump animation for the player.


A rather simple area is the creation of the user interface.
. But a good, functional and above all meaningful user interface makes it easier for the player to interact with the game and increases the fun.

>. As the title already describes, mainly elements for the HUD (Head Up Display) or the GUI (Graphical User Interface) are created here, including menus, life displays, the map and much more.

Please note the function of the translation, as the game should be playable in English and German.


An artificial intelligence is a basic building block for playing with opponents.
In this area you create behavior trees for different types of opponents in different situations.

. From navigating through the world to fighting behaviour, there are a number of factors that have to be taken into account. It is not a relief if different difficulty levels are to be taken into account or if an interaction with a player is imminent.


Physics and Gamemechanics

A game without physics can't work. Even in a game that deals with zero gravity, a physics engine is of great importance.

The Parkour-like locomotion in Project Impossible is probably not a great help.
In addition, interactions with the game world have to be considered in order to create details such as falling down from an object on a table if you sprint against it. Keeping the realism high is not an easy task.

But also the game mechanics have to do with the physics engine and are therefore also accommodated in this area. This means playing the corresponding animations with the player's action, or anything not mentioned in the above-mentioned points, except for' coding'.

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