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What is IceRacer


IceRacer is a 2D sidecroll arcade pixel-style game.
IceRacer's goal is easy to explain: Reach a great distance without flying against barriers with your vessel.

Collecting coins can help you to reach higher distances over time by upgrading your shop.
You can play the game in all popular browsers, also coming soon to mobile devices.

It is true that you can destroy barriers with a weapon, but after a few shots it has to cool down again, which is why you should deal with it tactically. However, the most fun you have in the competition against friends... Who scores the highest score?!

The diligent team behind IceRacer


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Marco FadePixels Graphics 08/24/2017
Tobias AMC2000 Coding 08/24/2017
Joshua unlogical Sound 08/24/2017
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