The History of Origins of

General is a small development studio founded in 2017 by unlogical, FadePixels and AMC2000. Thereby is run as a hobby. All games and projects are developed in our spare time, which significantly extends the development time.

June 2017

It all started with a game that was supposed to be created for a challenge, IceRacer. During the development of the first version, the idea to create was born. However, as IceRacer was not ready for the deadline of the challenge, we decided to develop IceRacer after the challenge under the name LeekGames.

After the first version of IceRacer was completed, we quickly realized that this should not be the end of IceRacer. As a result, plans were made for v2.0 and then implemented.

September 2017

During the development of the 2nd IceRacer version we got the next Game-Dev - Challenge. As a result, work on v2.0 was paused and planning for the Challenge Game started.

After a few days some ideas were born. However, it was our mistake to start several games before deciding which one to develop for the Challenge. Time was running out and we were no longer convinced of the game ideas that were meant for the Challenge.

Just a few days before the end of the Challenge, team member AMC2000 started to implement a game, for time reasons of the other members, alone. Currently this game is being developed under the name' GravityBlocks'. Since the game could not be fully realized in the short time available, this game was also not presented under the name

Q4 - 2017

Simultaneously, Project Impossible was planned until the first trials in Unreal Engine 4 were carried out in November 2017. The game has always been developed further in the mind, without continuing the real development.

January/February 2018

IceRacer v2.0 was completed after some time and then released as beta. The step of the beta was chosen because the game contains a lot more bugs than intended. One of the most important features, saving the score, could not be realized either.

While some time was invested in planning Project Impossible, the other construction sites like IceRacer v2.0 to get rid of the beta, or complete GravityBlocks were put back into the background.

March - June 2018

For a better familiarization with the Unreal Engine a smaller game was started, which contains primary features like control, interaction with objects, etc. of Project Impissible, but in a much less demanding style than Project Impossible, which significantly reduced the time to create the features and assets. After completion of the main features of this game it will probably be released.

This concept game is also planned much further than currently developed. The further development will take place during the development of Project Impossible to offer a change for the developers as well as relatively regular updates of the concept game.

As already mentioned we started this game to (finally) start working with the Unreal Engine and other software around the software, which is also needed for Project Impossible. The low-poly graphics style makes creating models and effects much easier. It also offers good performance in the test mode of the engine and fast export times. Another advantage is the time saving by rebuilding old models for Project Impossible, which were created with less experience of the software and should therefore be renewed and embellished.
Although Project Impossible could be much further in development than before, by developing smaller games we gain more experience, reach and ultimately a better result for the goal'Project Impossible'.

Furthermore, the company has also been working on its own software, which will simplify the development of Project Impossible, since mid-March. The time which is used for this software is logically also missing for the other projects, which also confuses the schedule.

October 2018

We are working on another game than Project Impossible in the Unreal Engine, which will not be named further until further notice. In general it is much simpler than Project Impossible and will hopefully allow a faster and easier integration into the Unreal Engine. Since this project should already be developed with source-control in order to gain experience in this aspect in connection with the Unreal Engine, we are also looking for a solution which can be implemented cheaply and easily for LeekGames.

December 2018

We are working on a game for the 15th Game Plus Plus Community Challenge, which represents the theme 'Evolution' respectively 'Mutation'. The final product of LeekGames for the Challenge will be announced in January, but so much in advance. A game with tactics, action and frustration is waiting for you. But the main part is fun.

It will again be a web game, but it will be much better than IceRacer. Not only less bugs but also better graphics should decorate the new work of LeekGames. The game will be playable for the first time in the beginning of January.